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Love The Skin You're In: Sound Therapy with Cosmic Sound

Love the Skin You're In in person circles to deepen your journey to unshakable body love. These are intimate circles for women only to create space and connection with your womb and body. Hannah invites world leading facilitators each month.

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Love The Skin You're In: Sound Therapy with Cosmic Sound
Love The Skin You're In: Sound Therapy with Cosmic Sound

Time & Location

15 dec 2022 19:00 – 16 dec 2022 21:00

Voorburg, Van de Wateringelaan 1b, 2274 CA Voorburg, Netherlands

About the event

Sound healing is a unique experience. Lying down on the mat the vibrations of instruments saturate into the body energetically, emotionally and physically.

Sound is a powerful tool to activate higher states of consciousness, readjust the body to natural rhythms, release tensions and blocks, and bring inner stillness where deep healing can occur. Relax and re-balance with the power of sound.

The sounds of the gongs and singing bowls work on both physical and subtle energy realms. In physical where we can actually hear and are aware of the sounds and in subtle with complex frequencies that are beyond our human hearing. The sounds have no fixed rhythm and the analytical and logical left side of the brain is not able to follow, allowing the right side, the creative and holistic part, or lower brainwaves frequencies to take over.

Depending on each individual, different states of mind can be accessed and experienced. From the active conscious mind, with beta brainwaves to alpha state, the borderline between awake and asleep which is a profound state of calm and relaxation, to the subconscious mind with theta waves associated with deep meditation and visionary states and where deep healing can occur, to the unconscious mind with delta waves and deep dreamless sleep. There are manifold benefits from being exposed to the tones of gongs and singing bowls.

Sound therapy can help reduce stress and create a better ability to cope with stress. It can bring a sense of familiarity with stillness and contentment and can alter consciousness. The sounds have a deep cleansing effect and afterwards, you will probably feel lighter, clear-headed, calm and relaxed. Throughout the session the mind may be busy with thoughts and this is normal.

As part of the cleansing and clearing process, things we need to let go are brought up so we can allow them to flow out of the mind. The sounds revitalises the immune and nervous system and works on any organ or part which is not in harmony. A physically detoxing effect can happen because the sounds help to remove anything toxic or not good for us from the body. Chances are that you will go to sleep during the session and remember only parts or very little of the experience.

The body and mind welcome the opportunity to go into a deep sleep with delta brainwaves and this is a sign of the body needing a good rest. Whether conscious or not, the gongs and singing bowls will have done their work on all levels and you will probably wake up refreshed and re-energised. Every session is a unique and personal experience depending on where you are on your journey through life.

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